Lisa Class

I am a Chinese Brush Painter who works in a traditional Chinese style which dates back to 4000BC.

I first encountered this method of painting whilst recuperating from an illness seven years ago and have been very fortunate to have been taught by the country's leading Chinese brush painter, Xiao Bai Li.

During my year of recovering it fuelled a passion in me to paint in this style and I couldn't wait to get well enough to start learning this technique.

The materials I use include rice (xuan) paper, Chinese ink, Chinese brushes and watercolours. My work ranges from painting the "four gentlemen", bamboo, chrysanthemums, orchids and blossom to landscapes which use the reaction of rice paper, water and ink for effect.

Once a painting is finished I follow the traditional method of backing the painting. Using a hake brush, a glue paste is spread evenly over the back then another sheet of rice paper is applied and all the edges are glued together. Then the painting is carefully lifted and placed face up onto a board where it is left for 24 hours.

Whilst working on the more traditional subject of Chinese brush painting, I am also beginning to explore a more abstract style.