FG Davis

I am an artist based in Devon and have exhibited widely in the UK and internationally. Pattern and colour fascinate me and I readily embrace them in my work, using them to establish a starting point on which I then elaborate. My work is very eclectic and has a myriad of influences ranging from ethnic cultures and classicism to modernism and contemporary art. It is not confined to abstract work, though this admittedly has formed the majority of my output in recent years. My paintings are very difficult to pigeon-hole, as I move easily from semi representational pieces with a strong illustrative content to totally abstract works. I am influenced by places; people and events encountered in my personal life and try to capture the essence of an experience. A concept, idea or feeling may be triggered by a chance remark, poetic phrase or piece of music as readily as by some directly observed scene. In all my pieces I attempt to respect the integrity of the materials and surface quality which gives the work its depth and character. I have been interested and actively engaged in producing mixed media work for decades and much work has a distinctly collage feel, with the regular inclusion of textural effects. I also work in gouache and watercolour on more intricate pieces, sometimes in miniature, using fine line and frequent layering of colour. Collectors have often said of my work that it needs to be lived with, and that different nuances and interpretations reveal themselves over time.