Loopy - Lisa Smith

Lisa Maria Smith was born in 1971 in the northwest industrial town of Blackburn Lancashire.

Why loopy Art? Lisa has two nephews who nicknamed her Aunty Loopy. The nick name has stuck!

Lisa loved art from a very early age, but studied and worked in debt collection/credit control all of her career. She moved to art filled South Devon in 2010 and it is this which has inspired her to fulfil her dream!

Lisa’s paintings are full of texture and very colourful, she has a love of wild flowers and the rolling sea. Lisa is very open, bold and is not worried about taking a risk and this all comes out in her work, she is not afraid to let the paint hit the canvas and no painting is ever planned, it evolves. She loves the larger canvasses and can’t wait to fill them with texture and shimmer.

Lisa loves the work of Marc Quinn, Damien Hirst, but Lisa’s love of art started with Gustav Klimt.