Clare Jenkinson

“I look for rhythm and patterns in colour and shape, sometimes grouping objects together because they come from the same walk along the beach.”

From her base in Teignmouth, Clare Jenkinson produces vibrant oil paintings and detailed studies in watercolour.  Clare trained and works as a carpet designer – a background which influences the detail and texture present in her art.

Clare will be exhibiting alongside Chris Pitman and Alan Gregory in The Power of Three at Artizan in August 2017.

The exhibition will run from 1st – 29th August with a ‘Meet the Artists’ private viewing on 5th August from 6pm to 8pm.

About the Work

"My paintings and drawings are a response to my surroundings – the beautiful landscape where I live, the excitement of travelling to new places, and the fine detail in plants and natural objects like shells, flowers, insects, and fungi.

I love working in oils, experimenting with the marks, textures, and powerful colours that such a strongly pigmented medium can create; I also enjoy working in watercolour, using the finest brushes to produce detailed, controlled studies.  Part of the joy in different media is the contrast between the two forms, and the two artists I become.

I like to try to capture a moment: a flower opening, or a wave breaking on the shore."