Jo West

“I find painting very therapeutic and follow my heart with every painting I do. I have so many ideas in my head, any chance I have, I paint.”

“I love the use of colour and how it can influence how you feel. Colour is nature’s signalling system and I am fascinated how it can affect our behaviour.”  

A native Devonian, Jo West is a contemporary artist heavily influenced by her rural upbringing.  Having studied Psychology at Cardiff University, Jo is fascinated by how colour, as nature’s signalling system, can influence emotion and behaviour.  Captivated by the shimmer of the natural world, Jo uses of acrylics, mixed media, and resin to create her paintings depicting highly embellished flowers.

Jo West will be exhibiting in the Garden Gallery at Artizan in May 2017, as a part of our 2017 Solo Series.

The exhibition will run from 1st – 27th May with a ‘Meet the Artist’ private viewing on 4th May from 6pm to 8pm.

About the Work

"I grew up very close to the sea and used this as my escape from reality; I still love watching the sun shimmer on the sea and looking out at the horizon, wondering what is out there.  Using resin has added a whole new depth to my paintings and I see it as moving water, creating a sense of tranquillity.  Having been painting since I was old enough to hold a paintbrush, I am heavily influenced by memories of my grandmother’s garden near Dartmoor and the exuberance of the flowers growing there.  

Showing the effect of light in shifting seasons and the way in which nature is changed by the weather is important to my work: as the light changes throughout the day I notice new things in the paintings I’ve created, and this sense of wonder is exactly what I try to capture in my colour change paintings.  My aim is to make viewers smile."