Mei Lim

I am a relative newcomer to painting. By profession I am a graphic/book designer and illustrator and also a photographer. My transition and transformation into a painter came rather late. Four years ago, a friend invited me to join her painting group, which consisted of her and the teacher, a wonderful man, Roger Dennis who has gently nudged me into a fascinating world of paints, brushes and canvas, away from the tyranny of the digital virtuality of computers and pixels. It has been most liberating.

Painting is organic, messy and demands far more of my intellect than I thought. I now get to use the other side of my brain and see another side of my creativity. Initially I painted like my camera, in great detail and sharp focus. But I later discovered I was a human and not a piece of digital equipment, so I started to behave like one.

The exhibition of my work at Artizan Gallery shows the two sides of my creative persona. With painting, its a been an adventure and a journey from the representational to the abstract. Paring things down to their essence, With photography I shy away from too many pretty landscapes but to try to try to create contemplative images and if they bring a smile to the viewer, I consider my job well done.

Mei LIm BA (hons) English | BA (hons) GraphicDesign | Member for the Devon Guild of Craftsmen (photography)