Jackie Wills

Jackie was born in Torquay and is self taught. She received her first textile commission in 1984 and since has sold over 1000 works in varying textile forms including art garments, wall hangings and fashion art accessories. In 2010, VOGUE (UK) commissioned and photographed a waistcoat.

Over the years Jackie's style has evolved. She loves hand sewing glazed cotton chintz and hand painting, machine embroidering denim with other textiles. Sometimes she mixes media and adds interesting textures like silk, threads, yarn to finish a work.

During the late 1980's and early 1990's Jackie taught at many textile workshops in Devon and the USA. During 2005 and 2010 she published two textile related books, but since 2003 most her work has been sold online.

This coming year, Jackie is planning to exhibit locally again after a long absence as the internet can be a lonely place. No camaraderie with customers and other artists. Jackie is looking forward to exploring new horizons with other artists and new media.

Website: www.jackiewills.co.uk