Jenni Pentecost

Jenni is a highly creative artist who finds it enormously exciting and satisfying to experiment with new techniques and textures. Added to her strong and deft sense of composition and tonal contrast, these give her paintings their unique vibrant quality.

Her affinities with seasonal changes in colour, light and mood all enhance her works, especially her depictions of West-Country landscapes and coastal seascapes.

“I gather a wealth of potential images from natural forms; the dramatic shapes of wind-ravaged trees on coast and moor, textures in weathered rocks and stone walls, all the time absorbing the wonderful colours of mood and atmosphere, later to reflect my inner love of nature through my paintings. But ultimately, my work is for people to enjoy; to see and to feel in them what they choose.”

It was later in life that Jenni attended university to gain her degrees in art, teaching and photography. After many years of successfully running her own photography and design business, undertaking commissions and teaching art, she retired to Devon, closer to her home county of Cornwall.

She has successfully exhibited in London, Kent, Nottinghamshire, Cornwall, several galleries in Devon, and internationally; in Brittany, Italy, Tunisia and Spain.