Gilly Pitman

Although I consider myself to be predominantly self-taught, | have studied drawing in formal workshops and been coached by a number of professional and amateur artists and craft people. I truly believe that drawing is an essential skill that underpins the artistic process and is fundamental to the creation of great works of art; this is reflected in my own work, as all my pictures are hand drawn.

My current work is the re-creation of the women of the legendary artist Picasso whose works are the subject of unending analysis, gossip, dislike, adoration and rumour. They are in my own way a tribute to the women who gave inspiration to much of Picasso’s work and genius, like Picasso with his ever changing and involving style; I have developed my own unique method of art by the use of silk and stitch as my paint box. All my pictures are drawn on loose canvas and then hand stitched; over 500,000 stitches were used in the making of ‘Guernica’ taking me almost 14 months to complete, therefore, all my pictures are unique and only one is produced of each subject.