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Anna Grayson is a geologist by training, and a writer and broadcaster by profession. She was a regular voice on Radios 4 and 5, a writer of books and articles in the nationals, and she was also the first woman to present a Natural World on BBC2 TV. She is a laureate of the Glaxo Wellcome Science Writers Award and the RH Worth Prize from Burlington House. But over the last decade she has evolved from an observational scientist to an observational artist.

Anna is now best known for her photographic pastiches of great works of art. We all fancy the idea of our favourite Old Master hanging on our wall at home, but the thought of a standard reproduction is a bit naff. Anna wanted to show the richness of interpretation and timelessness of the best art by working them into original contemporary pieces with a modern message. So you can have your cake with icing on it – your favourite priceless masterpiece bound into a highly-affordable contemporary original.

In 2013 she received a commendation at the South West Academy for her pastiche of Jan Van Eycks’ Arnolfini Marriage. The same photograph was hung in the 2014 Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy in London, where it created a minor sensation, with 38 red dots, “Twitter Image of the Day”, and much amused discussion. She has been featured in the London Pinhole Festival and again at the SWAc open exhibition in 2014. Anna is a regular exhibitor here at Artizan in Torquay and the TAAG Gallery in Teignmouth. She recently held a special display of her work at the Gloss Gallery Exeter. She has work in private collections in London and around the world.


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